Municipality of the District of Guysborough

A Place to Invest

Smart investors know that when there is opportunity on the horizon, the time to invest is now. The District of Guysborough’s horizon is ablaze with opportunities – in transportation, mining, tourism and oil and natural gas.

A decade ago, it was all about oil and gas, which come ashore at Goldboro on the District’s south shore.  Developments stemming from that position and as host of the export infrastructure for oil and gas projects remain a distinct possibility. But more investor attention today is actually focused on our eastern shore – the Strait of Canso.  The Strait is universally regarded as the finest deep water harbour on the east coast.  Already, in terms of total tonnage, it is Canada’s second busiest port.


The Strait of Canso is a superport-in-waiting, and the waiting is about over. With Maher Terminals of New Jersey onboard development of a major container terminal and logistics park at Melford is becoming a reality.  The site is a green field, unencumbered by urban encroachment or antiquated systems. It will boast the most highly efficient logistical and security technology available. There is room to grow adjacent the site and the water is deep enough to accommodate any vessel on the oceans or any conceived. Maher operates the Prince Rupert Terminal in British Columbia and sees Melford as the emerging east coast equivalent.


Natural gas from Exxon Mobil’s Sable project, and soon from EnCana’s Deep Panuke development, comes ashore in the district and while the rate of development of Nova Scotia’s offshore oil and natural gas is yet to be determined, there are proven reserves and continuing industry interest. Also in the energy sector, the north eastern section of the district in particular has immense wind energy potential.


The District hosts Martin Marietta’s highly efficient aggregate mining operation near Mulgrave on the Strait of Canso.  A second aggregate quarry is proceeding toward development farther east in the District.  Guysborough County has a long gold mining heritage, and new, commercially-viable gold deposits have been identified in several locations along with many other promising finds.


The District of Guysborough has what more and more people the world over are seeking in their leisure time.  Peace, quiet and nature.  Unspoiled natural beauty, rugged coast lines, fabulous sand beaches, pristine inland waterways.  They are all here. The infrastructure needed to serve a natural tourism destination presents very real investment opportunities in the district.


The local government, the Municipality of the District of Guysborough, along with its partners in the economic future of the area, are able and ready to help potential investors big, small and in between to understand and seize the opportunities that are on the near horizon.