Municipality of the District of Guysborough


The old real estate adage – location, location, location – says the District of Guysborough has at least three advantages worth considering. There are more. The opportunities presented by location start with the Strait of Canso – the eastern border of the District and the finest deep water harbour on the east coast. A second is on the south coast, at Goldboro, where Nova Scotia`s offshore oil and gas comes ashore. Take your pick for the third among more than 200,000 hectares of largely unspoiled nature, plenty of land at reasonable prices, even adjacent the port or the gas terminal. Great natural resource potential, ideal for tourism development and this is a place where the people are truly welcoming because they want and need new investors and more neighbours.

At the instruction of residents, the Municipal government is committed to attracting and supporting investment and business. The District has a new land use planning regime that clearly defines the potential and the requirements for business, industrial and all other land use developments.

Low population density and lack of congestion around existing centres and the developing Strait of Canso Superport facilitates fast permitting. Natural resource strengths still include fishing and forestry, and you can add aggregate mining, gold, rare earth metals, aquaculture and Christmas trees.

Natural gas from Exxon Mobil’s Sable project and soon from EnCana’s Deep Panuke development comes ashore at Goldboro and while the rate of development of Nova Scotia’s offshore natural gas is to be determined there are proven reserves. Also in the energy sector, the northeastern section of the District holds immense wind energy potential.

The Strait of Canso Superport, with the container terminal and park under private development at Melford, is closer to Europe than any other port in North  America. The TransCanada Highway and the rail line connection to the massive markets of the American eastern seaboard, Midwest and Central Canada are adjacent to the port.

The business climate in the District of Guysborough is good. The opportunities are great.