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Strait of Canso Superport: Melford

As container ships and bulk carriers grow larger and larger, fewer ports can accommodate them without costly dredging or other upgrades.  There are no such costs or concerns associated with the Strait of Canso, which has the depth and capacity to accommodate any vessel plying the seas or on the drafting tables.

The partners in Melford Terminal, including Maher Terminals, have a plan to build a Canadian Northeast Gateway that offers customers a faster and better alternative for North American origin-destination containerized cargo.  The port will boast state-of-the-art terminal and supply chain technologies. Building from a greenfield site offers an incredible opportunity to raise the bar for North American security technology. This is an important advantage for customers in terms of keeping their cargo moving quickly and cost effectively.

The Melford International Terminals will be a $300 million dollar project.

As world container traffic continues to grow, ports on the east coast of North America are receiving a growing share of cargo from China, India and Southeast Asia.  The Panama Canal is at 93 per cent capacity and cannot absorb the predicted rise in Asian traffic. Therefore, shippers and beneficial cargo owners continue to seek stable and reliable supply chain routes and are increasingly having goods sent directly to east coast ports via the Suez Canal.  As the first North American landfall on the Trans-Suez route from Asia, the strategically-located, ice free, deep water port at Melford is better placed and better suited than any competitor to serve this growing demand. Transatlantic and Suez routings will reduce voyage transit times and fuel consumption by using the Melford gateway to Canada and the United States.

An estimated 200 full time jobs will be available at the terminal with an anticipated 1,500 jobs in the logistics park.