Municipality of the District of Guysborough

MODG Residents: Proud To Be Here

The Municipality of the District of Guysborough strives to provide exceptional local and property services to the residents of our communities. Council and administrative staff are available and welcome your input and feedback. Together we are working to build on and enhance our sustainable economic, social and natural environment here in the most beautiful and unspoiled part of Nova Scotia.
We can all take pride in the fact that we are able to provide services on par or better than most municipalities in the province, paid for by the lowest residential and among the lowest business taxes in Nova Scotia.  
We who live here know the comforts and joys of small town and rural living within a spectacular natural environment.  Our seacoast, lakes and rivers provide outstanding recreational opportunities including fishing, diving, boating, swimming and sailing. Communities throughout the Municipality host festivals and community events in modern facilities. The Chedabucto Place Performance Centre and Mulgrave Road Theatre anchor a thriving cultural community.
Our District has a rich history.  Our museums, cairns and historic sites document the tales of explorers, settlers, soldiers, prospectors, pirates and privateers. Our forebears were leaders in government (Robert M. Cutler) and the law (Sir Robert Campbell) and academia (Henry Marshall Tory - founder of the University of British Columbia and the founding president of the University of Alberta.)

What makes Guysborough feel like home is both difficult to define and impossible to measure.  For us the pull is as real as "the moonlight reflected on the harbour, the evening breeze, the curl of the fog off the coast, the first glimpse of red leaves in the fall, the sun's heat on a summer afternoon, or a casual wave from someone who is not surprised to see you home." John N. Grant (2004), "Historic Guysborough: Images of the Past", Nimbus Publishing Limited.