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Stan Rogers Fundraising Concert
August 21, 2014

MODG would like to congratulate all of the organizers and performers who put a great deal of effort into the Stan Rogers Fundraising concert which was attended by over 3,000 loyal fans last night at the Halifax Metro Centre. 
See the link below to read the details on the event covered by the Chronicle Herald.




Canso Report Card

April 25, 2014

An update on the Canso Integration process is provided here.  In issuing this flyer, the Municipality is providing a fact based list with no narrative of the taxation changes and work done to date in Canso, along with the work planned for this year. 

Canso Report Card


March 21, 2014 


Re: Goldboro LNG.



Nova Scotia Minister of Environment, Hon. Randy Delorey granted formal regulatory approval for the proposed $8.3 billion Goldboro LNG development to be located in Goldboro, Nova Scotia. In 2012, Pieridae Energy Canada announced its intention to develop a liquefied natural gas export facility at Goldboro. The development will be located within the Municipality of the District of Guysborough (MODG) Goldboro Industrial Park. 

The facility will provide an east coast export terminal to supply both the European and Indian markets. The MODG has been working with multiple developers interested in capitalizing on Goldboro’s strategic location, deep harbour and existing natural gas infrastructure.

“Today’s announcement represents a very significant milestone in the evolution of the Goldboro LNG development. Mr. Alfred Sorensen and his team can now move forward with confidence to take the next steps in the advancement of the project. On behalf of the Municipality of the District of Guysborough, we would like to recognize the cooperation we received from both the Federal and Provincial Government in completing a thorough review of this major development” said Warden Vernon Pitts.

“The Municipality will continue to work closely with Pieridae as they progress toward a final investment decision in 2015. With today’s announcement we will see increased activity going forward at Goldboro. As mentioned in the recent Ivany report, 59% of all employees in Nova Scotia work in companies that employ more than 100 people. This project has the potential to be a “game-changer” and its impact will be felt by all residents of Nova Scotia” said Pitts.


For more information contact:
Warden Vernon Pitts
Home: 902.533.3597
Mobile: 902.870.6975


CAO Barry Carroll

Office: 902.533.3705 Ext 228



February 19, 2014

Premier McNeil State of the Union Address


Watch the following clip of the Premier's address to the Halifax Chamber of Commerce yesterday in Halifax. His visit to Guyborough on February 6 to make the funding announcement for our hospital expansion made a lasting impression on him as he identifies MODG and what we have accomplished as one of the champions in rural Nova Scotia in his speech.



September 13th, 2013


 Guysborough - The Municipality of the District of Guysborough (MODG) is pleased to announce that the sale of waterfront lands at Melford was finalized and transferred today to Melford International Terminal Inc. (MITI). The Government of Nova Scotia has also confirmed that the sale and conveyance of lands from the Melford Industrial Reserve to MITI was concluded today.

MITI and its partners will construct a new, “state-of-the-art” container terminal, intermodal rail facility and a logistics park on these lands. Strategically located on the great circle route, Maher Melford will be the closest east coast port to Europe and Asia via the Suez Canal. With no air or water draft restrictions, ice-free, and navigational depth exceeding 90 feet (60 feet at the berth) the Terminal will be one of the few North American East Coast ports capable of handling the world’s largest containerships.

“It’s a milestone day for the development of this project and our Municipality couldn’t be happier with the news that the land transactions have been completed”, says Vernon Pitts, Deputy Warden of MODG, “The people of our community deserve a lot of credit for standing by the Municipality, MITI, the Province of Nova Scotia, and the Federal Government as various milestones leading to the sale were completed”.

“This land transaction supports efforts to make Nova Scotia even more globally competitive by strengthening its presence as a North American gateway,” said Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Duff Montgomerie. “We believe in this project and that selling these lands at their market value to MITI is good for the people of the Strait region.”
“On behalf of Melford International Terminal Inc. and our partners, I want to thank the Council of the Municipality of the District of Guysborough and their residents for doing the heavy lifting to ensure that these properties were secured and I also want to thank the Province for their cooperation in working with MITI on the purchase of the appropriate properties from the Melford Industrial Reserve”, stated Paul Martin, President of MITI. The President and CEO of Maher Terminals (MITI’s Operating Partner) Gary Cross, in Elizabeth, NJ, acknowledged the milestone reached today as a very significant and important step forward for the project.
For more information:

MODG- Deputy Warden Vernon Pitts (h) (902) 533-3597 (c) (902) 870-6975
Barry Carroll, CAO (c) (902) 870-0121
GOVERNMENT OF NOVA SCOTIA- Bruce Nunn, (h) 902-424-5239 (C) 902-476-6454 E-mail:
MITI -Richie Mann, Vice President, Marketing, MITI (902-406-3435)



Information Bulletin

Re: Canso Infrastructure

Residents of Canso were mailed a copy of the following newsletter outlining the progress on the Canso Integration Plan.
A copy of the newsletter can be found by clicking the following link Canso Infrastructure Information Bulletin

January 29, 2013
Media Update

MODG's efforts to ensure that sustainable, renewable energy becomes a reality in the Municipality, by way of the proposed 13.8 megawatt Sable Wind project in the Canso/Hazel Hill area, was recently featured in an article in the Chronicle Herald.
Click the following link to read the entire article.