Survey- MODG's 4 Day Work Week

At the height of the first wave of COVID-19, the employees of the Municipality of the District of Guysborough implemented a pilot project whereby staff were set up on two-team basis. Staff on each team would report to work for four, 8.75-10 hour days; working full-time hours but in a condensed period of time.

Team A employed a four-day schedule running from Monday to Thursday and Team B, Tuesday to Friday.  The new system extended service hours to the public at all municipal facilities, five days per week, by beginning their workday earlier and extending it later each day with shortened lunch breaks. This enabled municipal facilities to be open to the public an additional five hours per week.

As we are now six months into the pilot, the Municipality wanted to survey residents to understand the impacts of this work schedule on you.

Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

Expanded Service Hours / 4-Day Compressed Work WeekResidents Survey (